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Two More Cities Move Forward with Red-Light Cameras Plans to Reduce the Risks of Alabama Car Accidents

More cities are moving forward with plans to install red-light cameras at dangerous intersections to help reduce the risks of car accidents in Alabama.

Officials in Midfield and Center Point have both decided to install the cameras after a bill passed the Legislature allowing them to do so. Last week, the Midfield City Council approved a new ordinance that would allow the cameras. Officials in Center Point are still researching ordinances from other cities, according to Alabama Live.

Officials in Birmingham and Fairfield are interested in the program as well. The bills for both of the cities would require that signs be posted notify motorists that these cameras are being used. If you're busted running a red light or speeding through an intersection, you could be charged about $100 in both cities.

Our Birmingham car accident attorneys understand that these red-light cameras are used for a number of reasons. Some cities install them to reduce the number of car accidents in these areas and some use them to generate money for the city. Center Point Mayor Tom Henderson says that his city is looking into use of these cameras to both catch red light runners and slow speeders.

In Cedar Point, officials have decided to put red-light cameras at some of the area's most dangerous intersections -- along Center Point Parkway at 23rd, 22nd and 20th avenues and at Polly Reed Road.

"It'll just cut down on the number of serious accidents at those intersections," said Henderson.

Midfield officials would like to use the cameras to stop red-light runners and speeders along the Bessemer Super Highway.

"It's another eye in patrolling the busy traffic along the Bessemer Super Highway," Midfield councilman Terry Adams said. "It's not a bad thing. Think about the number of lights run a day."

Red-light cameras are currently in use in Montgomery and Selma. These cameras snap pictures of the tags of all red light runners. The pictures are used generate tickets which are sent to vehicle owners.

Midfield Councilman Adams said he sees these bills as a huge accomplishment in the fight against traffic accidents in his area.

"It's going to make things safer," says Adams . "Some people will get mad, but in the long run, it'll make it safer for your kids to walk the street."

As all other cities have these cameras find their existence and enforcement to be quite controversial. Supporters say they're saving the lives of motorists, while opponents argue the cameras are nothing more than an effort by cities to make some fast cash.

"This is for the enhancement of public safety," said Midfield Mayor Gary Richardson. "We're not doing it as a means to increase revenue."

Richardson says that there are at least four dangerous intersections in the city where he would like to see these cameras be installed. He believes that motorists are less likely to speed through a red light if they know there's a camera constantly watching.

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