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Alabama Personal Injury News: Ponds and Rivers Pose Threat of Drowning for Young and Old

Even though the summer months are on the wane, there is still time to take a dip here and there in the greater Birmingham area, over in Montgomery or down in Mobile. For children, pools, rivers and ponds always pose a curious, yet dangerous opportunity. As an Alabama personal injury lawyer, I am constantly reminded of the hazards all around us. A drowning death is usually preventable. Even when a person is revived, brain death or mental incapacitation is quite often the result. A couple news items point out the danger that water presents, and not just to children.

Not too long ago, a Wood River, AL, man drowned in a private pond in Montgomery County during an evening swim. This was no child, so the lesson here is to beware and always have a friend along when swimming in a secluded or non-public area. According to reports, 55-year-old Jimmy D. Pennington drowned while swimming in a pond just southeast of Walshville, Alabama, which is about 30 miles northeast of Alton.

According to police, witnesses told investigators that Pennington had been swimming in a private pond located on Gerdes Lane, southeast of Walshville, sometime around 7:15 in the evening of August 14. Witnesses also said that they noticed the man was having difficulty swimming and began to struggle before going under water, at which point several people tried to rescue the man.

They reportedly pulled Pennington from the water and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation, then took him to St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield using a personal vehicle. Unfortunately, the man was pronounced dead at the hospital by a Montgomery County coroner. Similarly, there were a couple more drownings in Houston County this past September.

News reports describe an incident on September 8 where emergency personnel were called to the scene of another tragic death. Another man died during an apparently unsupervised swim in a pond near Web, Alabama, where residents found James Edward Herring II dead around 4:30pm.

Houston County Coroner Robert Byrd said Herring was a resident of a group home located near the pond, but had checked out two days earlier to go visit some family. That death was the second drowning in just one week; an earlier incident involved a teenage boy from Enterprise, Stephen Bush, who drowned over the Labor Day holiday weekend in the Choctawhatchee River.

Wood River man drowns in private pond,, August 17, 2009

Authorities called to second drowning within a week,, September 9, 2009

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