Posted On: September 24, 2007 by Steven D. Eversole

Alabama Slip & Fall Injuries

In Alabama, when a business invitee slips and falls and alleges that business negligently failed to clean up substance on floor, plaintiff must prove that injury was proximately caused by negligence of the business or one of its servants or employees; actual or constructive notice of the presence of the substance must be proven, and plaintiff must also prove (1) that substance slipped upon had been on the floor a sufficient length of time to impute constructive notice, or (2) that business had actual notice that substance was on floor, or (3) that business was delinquent in not discovering and removing substance.

Basically, the Alabama Slip & Fall Rule is simple. The business must be shown to have notice, either actual or implied, of the danger than caused the slip and fall. If the business had notice and failed to remove the debris causing the slip and fall, then they are liable for the resulting damages.

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